Web Site Launch and Re-Design

I have been putting together web sites since 1995. In Internet years, that's more than most.

My focus has been on departmental and small business and personal web sites. My role has been from the planning and needs assessment phase, to evaluating technologies, to working with graphics designers and systems administrators.

My client list includes some of the following. 


The Center for Agricultural Business was my first big web project and the Animal Science Products site is an example of a basic business website I put together for some folks down in Texas (the site has since undergone some upgrades).
As a Computer Consultant for the Krannert School of Management I was heavily involved in the renovation of the Krannert Web and Intranet sites between 1995 and 1998.
  • These web sites run on Windows NT servers running IIS 4.0 web server, Active Server Pages, Index Server and Perl.
  • Setting up these servers from the ground up was really a learning experience. It is a lot different than just posting pages on a host server.
  • Some of the features on the site are Live Database Lookup for Faculty and Curriculum Information.
  • Searchable résumé database.
  • Mail feedback capabilities and a whole lot of behind the scenes trick and toys.

Ag Econ Logo

Similar information design, architecture and implementation was done on the Agricultural Economics web site.

As the Instructional Technology Specialist for Purdue's EMBA program I was also the webmaster for the program. This site is still pretty much in the state I left if back in the summer of 2000. I setup and maintained every aspect of this site from the server setup to the management of graphics designers and content providers.

I have also helped several of my friends get their start on the web. I did a little writing about getting on line on a little site called WTX Solutions.

The typical jump start kit is to register a domain, set up e-mail forwards, get them primed on an authoring package like FrontPage and tell them a bit about hosting options. The results have really impressed me.

Some family sites



Some Special Interest sites



Some Personal Sites 




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