List o' Links


I know, I know. Link pages are so 1995. I just haven't gotten around to putting something else together.

Please excuse the link rot.


Some of my HTML work
My work in prgress
Animal Science Products (did this one all on my own)
The Center for Agricultural Business at Purdue (Got the site started)
The Krannert School of Management (Worked on the development, I also administered the Intranet site)
The Purdue Graduate Student Association
Crop Share and Cash Rent Lease Comparisons Here's some software I helped develop.
I have to include my alma mater Angelo State University.
Check out the weather in San Angelo.
See what's going going on at ASU, The Ram Page is now online.
____ Published every Thursday
The Student Senate at ASU.
The news back in San Angelo, The Standard Times .
I am now a student at Purdue University.
Check out the weather in West Lafayette, IN.
Here are some of the local bars.
What's on at the movies?
What's in the news?
Students are not here to worship what is known, but to question it.
Internet Headquarters for Student Government
National Association of Professional and Graduate Students
See my personal Desperado page.
Some links dedicated to the best state in the.. Well, just the best state. Texas
I'm not surfin' I'm doing research
Hypertext Dictionary
Spanish-English Dictionary
World FactBook Everything you ever wanted to know about a country but were afraid to ask.
Encyclopedia Britanica
List of Political Historical Documents
Surf blindfolded with Uroulette
Find it with a search engine.
Stay informed with CNN Online
See the Cool Sight of the Day
Daily Grin.
David Letterman Top Ten
The Iowa Electronic Market

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